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Previously, little bakery high streets and back lanes, people buy less amount of cake, not many varieties. But in recent years, such as bakery like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in each major and medium small city. Data show that an average of 150 thousand people in mainland China consumption of a bakery, under the same conditions, the data is much higher than in Hongkong, South Korea, Japan and other regions, the potential of the baking industry can not be ignored.

High end packaging scenery is no longer, the middle end and high-end market continues to expand, the lower end of the market is relatively shrinking. With the continuous development of China is economy, constantly updated technology, baking packaging industry competitiveness upgrade, industry continues to expand the scale, the paper bag machine enterprise development rapidly, baking maintained a rapid growth of economies of scale. Due to the strong domestic market demand, China is baking packaging industry showing a healthy, fast and sustainable development of good posture. But by the national policy, baking high-end market, especially high-end moon cake market scenery no longer, moon cake as a representative of the high-end excessive packaging market atrophy, and in the end and high-end market by policy influence small, business is growing rapidly, baking packaging new competition pattern is formed.

The state machinery to understand, baking food packaging to the age of paper. In paper and paperboard substrate made of papier mache packaging, has the advantages of low cost, resource saving, easy machining, more environmentally friendly, no pollution, easy recycling, recycling etc. advantages. In addition, with the progress of the paper making process, the paper material from the traditional single to diversification, functional specialization development. Packaging designers can properly use characteristics of paper material, perfect to create a stunning baking packaging paper. So baking food packaging into the era of paper packaging. Paper packaging also provides protection for baking food safety.

Small packaging growth is relatively fast, the future growth can be expected. With the diversification of the enhancement of health consciousness and personal tastes, many consumers to buy fresh baked bread in the bakery, the share of small and single copy snacks bake small packing to meet the consumer demand for special preferences can control component and portable snacks, although packet with a higher unit cost. It is expected that the form of small share packaging has a huge development prospects.

Fang state machinery was informed that baking packaging more creative, fun, fashion, practical. Colorful packaging is baking Bakery Exhibition in a beautiful scenery, baking packaging is one of the most important fashion products. Future cures the packing and bakery products with more closely, to stereo specifications, colors and patterns richer creativity and fashion sense, cures the packing will give full consideration to the product display, carry a variety of needs, more practical, in order to increase the attractiveness to customers. In the face of the rapid development of baking industry, variety of baked goods packaging, manufacturers must concern the packaging materials and soft printing machine technology and equipment is still a key problem.

The future of the world of packaging box is made of paper, the global appeal for green packaging, cherish our homes. Paper technology will be widely used in the in the packaging industry, green packaging will become the future of baking food packaging industry development trend, the paper instead of wood, paper on behalf of plastic, paper generation glass, paper on behalf of the metal has become the consensus of the sustainable development. Paper materials have more renewable natural materials and more environmentally friendly recycling, and fully show the potential of the development of paper materials.

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